Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The cultural Committee at Christ Academy Institute of Law play a crucial role in fostering creativity and confidence among the students. Our aim is to enhance the talents of the students, so they can show and participate in maximum numbers in different cultural events, activities or competitions. Over the years, the student body has come up with a plethora of events and competitions covering a vast spectrum of activities.

These events are directed with a motive to develop more talent among students in cultural activities and to ensure that the campus life stays lively!

Date of the event Event
1st July, 2023 Cultural Day- Magnotssav
Faculty Student
Ms. Shwetha S. Samuel
Mr. Safeem A S
Mr. Kathiravan S
Ms. Arpita Goswami
Mr. Manu Joseph
Convenor -
Stefy Babu
Linsa Rose K Joy
Anushree Bhattacharjee
Diya Pradeep Rimsha Shakeel
Reniya Reji
Fiza Yahiya
Elvis Joshy
Suma Aaradhya
Siddhi Uday Amre
Samarth Bandagar
Aatreyi Shukla