Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The Drama Club is one of the artistic clubs of the college. It was initiated in the academic year 2020-21 at Christ Academy Institute of Law.  In the initial year the theater group performed a street-play as a part of the legal aid committee. In the following academic year 2021-22, the club introduced the first official theater group, CAIL DRAM TIYATRO. 

Derived from the Turkish term for drama theater “DRAM TIYATRO” will introduce our students to the world of dramatics. The purpose of the workshop is to do a brief study of theater history, dramatic literature, critical theory, production practice, which also includes acting, directing, management, design and craft aesthetics.

Date of the event Event
23rd June, 2023 Shakespearean Drama performance
Faculty Student
Ms. Lekshmi
Mr. Safeem A S
Seba Anna Simon
Jaina John
Adapa Trisha
Diya Pradeep
Ritu Rose
Fiza Yahiya
Priyanka Kumari Pandey