Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The sports committee is mainly responsible for all the physical activities conducted in and around the campus and plans on conducting a sports fests which is a three-day event under the guidance of Mr.Devraj and Mrs.Suryadas , the faculty convenor and co convenor respectively. The event will be conducted between the four houses divided in the college. Some of the sports activities, including Basketball, football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Track activities, Throwball etc.


Date of the event Event
14th - 15th July, 2023 Invicta- Intra- collegiate Sports Fest
Faculty Student
N. Devaraj
Ms. Surya Das
Mr. Manu Joseph
Ritu Rose
Dibyansh Bagaria
Meghansh Yadav
Vyshnav N M
Mohan Kumar N
Aarya Shrivastava
Aswin Baskar A
Anjana Wilson
Mohammed Faiz Umar
Surya Kumar R
Ankita Das Gupta