Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

Christ Academy Institute of Law frequently organizes enlightening and engaging seminar sessions for the students in order to make them aware of the related areas of study of law along with their curriculum. The various committees are the coordinators of the seminars and eminent resource persons on the particular field will be taking the seminar. Listed below are some of the seminars conducted earlier for reference:

January 07 2023

‘Use of digital library resources and the importance of academic integrity’ organized by the library advisory committee.

January 09 2023

‘An in depth approach to debate and critical discussion’ organized by the debate society committee.

January 17 2023

‘Basics of moot court’ organized by moot court committee.

January 21 2023

‘Benefits and importance of internships’ organized by the internship and career counselling committee.

February 04 2023

‘Career opportunities in the corporate sector: perspectives on interview process and work culture’ organized by the placement and recruitment coordination committee.