Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The Placement and Recruitment Coordination Committee was constituted in June 2022 to make placement possibilities offered by various recruiters available to the students of CAIL who opt for college placements. The Committee is constituted predominantly as a student body, working under the guidance of a faculty coordinator and selected faculty members. The Committee actively engages with students from their 3rd year onwards by sensitizing them on career related requirements and responsibilities. The Committee extends its services by making external mentors available for answering career related queries and rendering further guidance. To enable campus recruitment, the Committee aims to connect the prospective recruiters and the student candidates in all levels of the recruitment process. It caters to the needs of the recruiter and the candidates before, during and after recruitment both offline and online.  

Date of the event Event
1st June, 2023 Release of Placement Brochure for the 2018-23 Batch
Faculty Student
Dr. Prabha S Nair
Dr. Sini John
Mr. Priyank Jagawanshi
Mr. Sunil Kumar
Ms. Jeffy Johnson
Aryan Srivastava
Smriti Singh
Abhishek Mohanpuria
Nandhitha Srinivas
Riya Jain
Snehanshu Das
Naina Jatav