Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

Mediation is one of the effective and now well-known alternative dispute resolution methods, which helps the litigants to resolve their disputes voluntarily and amicably with the assistance of a third party known as a ‘Mediator’. The parties have complete control over this procedure. Through his abilities, the mediator helps the parties resolve their conflicts. The mediator does not impose his opinions or determine what a just settlement should be.

The CAIL Mediation Centre is a committee which enhances student’s understanding of the practicality of the Mediation Process. The committee aims to promote ADR culture among students. The committee works together to polish the skills of the students and guide them to pursue their ADR interests. The committee takes its baby steps by conducting the internal mediation competition for the students of CAIL and focuses on widening its spectrum by conducting external college competitions in the near future.

Date of the event Event
6th - 7th July, 2023 Internal Mediation Competition
Faculty Student
Ms. Jeffy Johnson
Ms. Lekshmi
Sandra Mol Lakshmi Priya K S