Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)


To make law and legal processes efficient instruments of social development; to develop in students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve society in the field of law in regard to advocacy, legal services, legislation, law reforms, and the like. To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal processes and their role in national development.


Guided by India’s core constitutional values: to deliver socially engaged legal education meeting the highest global academic and professional standards and directly engage with social challenges, evaluating and responding, in particular, to the legal dimensions of globalisation and its impact, to foster a legal and justice system that effectively meets the needs of the common people in India.


CAIL is to be a leading-edge centre of global excellence in legal education, research, and policy analysis, catalysing, through its graduates and its innovative ideas, the legal reforms necessary to effectively serve the needs of the common people in India.