Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The Library is advised by the Library Advisory Committee which consists of Faculty members of various disciplines with one member as a Convener. The Library Advisory Committee makes recommendations to ensure good governance and all-round development of the library. The Library Advisory Committee also plays a vital role in maintaining the library’s strong connection to academic activities of the Institution. Members of the Advisory committee are responsible for providing input to inform Library services, assessment, and strategic directions in support of research and learning. The Advisory Committee imparts training to students on the use of libraries and on maintaining academic integrity in their research work. The committee works with the support from the head librarian Dr Sridhara R N. The students are given tours and are guided through the available sources during the bridge course. They are informed about the do’s and don’ts while in the library. Currently, the library has around 13000 books and the list of e-resources such as EBSCO, N-LIST, NDL, WEST LAW, MANUPATRA, BAR & BENCH, AIR WEB WORLD, AIR ONLINE help in the enhancement of knowledge and broaden their horizon. The library advisory committee with support from the librarians, faculty and members is willing to help the students with their concerns and help them to enrich their research publications.

Faculty Student
Mr. Bijolse Johnkutty
Ms. Jewel M Panicker
Ms. Surya Das
Ba Llb- Karthik Krishnan
Bba Llb- T S Ganga Durgamba Vaishnavi
Bcom Llb- Mallesh Basappa Itti