Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

At Christ Academy Institute of Law, we are committed to nurturing future lawyers who can work with the underprivileged at the grassroots level. The Legal Services Clinics at CAIL are village-centric to apply the text to context. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. With this motto, the students of Christ Academy Institute of Law visit schools and colleges to spread awareness about not only legal rights but also about the legal duties that we as citizens of India owe towards our Nation. The Legal Services Committee has also set up a Legal Services Clinic for legal awareness and providing legal assistance in the form of consultancy services. The Legal Services Clinic will be open on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Date of the event Event
30th May, 2023 Speed mentoring programme
31st May, 2023 Awareness programme on Anti-Terrorism day and World no Tobacco day
21st July, 2023 Legal awareness competition, ‘Reaching the unreached’
  Anti Terrorism Day           Speed Mentoring
Faculty Student
Mr. Priyank Jagawanshi
Mr. Karmashil Bhagat
Mr. Kathiravan S
Ms. Jeffy Johnson
Mr. Safeem a S
Ms. Radhika Castelino
Deekshit S
Sahana D
Geethanjaly Surjith
Fiza Yahiya
Gundre Charitha Reddy
Kolli Ravi Teja Reddy
Sadhvee Reddy
Vivek V
Vishnu Sudhakar
Priyanka V Muthyala Danavitha
Suma M