Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The Internship and Career Counselling Committee (ICC) at Christ Academy Institute of Law assists and facilitates the process of internship to students in various organizations and provides counselling depending on their areas of interest. Further, ICC assist in identifying new internship opportunities for the students. The Internship Committee creates awareness on the importance of internships by conducting various seminars, webinars and workshops. ICC has now set its sight on three projects, in the field of Corporate Law, Entertainment and Fashion Law & Sports Law. The modus operandi of the committee is to answer the three W’s, which forms the heart of Internships: What, why, when which the young blood of students can relate to. ICC with the motto of creating a world of leaders rather than followers have now sown seeds for its first Business Start Up Competition “Bhaavi 1.0”.

Date of the event Event
3rd June, 2023 Workshop for 2nd year and 4th year students
21st July, 2023 Workshop for 3rd year students
Faculty Student
Ms. Jewel M Panicker
Dr. Sini John
Mr. Priyank Jagawanshi
Ms. Suparna Mukherjee
Mr. Avinash S Nair
Ms. Jeffy Johnson
Arpita Anna Matthew
Jasleen Kaur Bahri
Joel K Justin
Priyanka Kumari
Aparna S
Adhyatam Chaturvedi
Amal Krishna S
Ashutosh Jha