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Grievance Redressal Cells:

This cell receives and resolves the administrative and academic complaints of the students, thus providing an impartial and unbiased atmosphere in the college. There are three Grievance redressal cells that have been set up to look into various types of grievances:

Sexual Harassment Cell: CA LAW  follows the guidelines and regulations of UGC and The Ministry of Women and Child development, Government of India. Students and faculty members are made aware of these guidelines and strictly prohibited from indulging in any act of sexual harassment. They are encouraged to follow a path of “Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal” as per the global norms and good practices. More information is available on:

Human Rights Cell: “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” - Nelson Mandela. This cell of CA LAW  aims at ensuring that no violation of any student’s fundamental Human Rights takes place. The Cell adheres to strict policies against any kind of discrimination based on religion, caste, gender, age, etc. The aim is to ensure that students respect each other as fellow human beings and study and grow in harmony with each other. Students are at all times encouraged to bring forward any grievance of theirs, no matter how minor it may be. Once the issue at hand is analyzed, the issue having being kept confidential, is addressed and solved in the most professional way to create a congenial atmosphere for the students.


Anti-Ragging Cell: The college has put into place a strong Anti-Ragging policy which is ensured by a vigilant Anti-Ragging Cell. It follows the central legislation on ragging to keep a check on this illegal and in-human practice. The legislations followed are those as laid by IPC, UGC and AICTE. Aiding, abetting in such practices, in any form, mental or physical, inside the premises or outside the premises will be considered an offence by law. Necessary disciplinary action will be taken against students found indulging in this illegal practice.





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