Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

True knowledge comes from reflection, critique and evaluation; and without a doubt, good discussions and debates provide the right stage for it. The CAIL Debating Society is the right avenue for teaching Law students the art of debating and the essential oratory skills that one needs in their career. The activities undertaken by the society are designed to serve as a platform for students to develop effective communication skills and facilitate opportunities to inculcate managerial capabilities and organizational skills. The Debating Society has organized several workshops, and annual debating competition: Nayasamvaad, and also plans to organize Model United Nations to further pave the path towards the Debating Society’s aims to spark innovation and ideas within the minds of students along with the niche for public speaking.

Faculty Student
Ms. Jewel M Panicker
Dr. Sini John
Mr. Priyank Jagawanshi
Ms. Suparna Mukherjee
Mr. Avinash S Nair
Ms. Jeffy Johnson
Arpita Anna Matthew
Jasleen Kaur Bahri
Joel K Justin
Priyanka Kumari
Aparna S
Adhyatam Chaturvedi
Amal Krishna S
Ashutosh Jha