Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The additional certificate courses offered by Christ Academy Institute of Law are Artificial Intelligence and Law, Cyberspace and Law, International Commercial Arbitration. This provides the students a golden opportunity to gain knowledge on relevant subjects that are closely in terms with the domain of law.

International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration facilitates the resolution of disputes which arise between international parties where is commercial agreements present. This course is designed with the intention to create an understanding of basic concepts which is utilized by traders from various countries when a problem arises in their business they settle it by the means of international commercial arbitration. Upon the completion of the course, they will enhance their ability to understand the framework of international commercial arbitration, the merits, lacuna, laws and procedures.

Cyberspace and Law

Cyberspace and Law explores the way internet based technologies are changing social behaviours and their governing institutions. This includes discussing technologies such as social media, that influences the social order. In addition to analysing the effects of the internet, the focus shall be on emerging issues and challenges. The course’s major goal is to familiarise students with the advancements being made in the cyber sphere with the use of computer and information technology. The fundamentals of cyber law and Information Technology Act, 2000 will be taught to the students. The intent of this course is not to make cyberspace experts, but it offers an opportunity to examine and investigate the practice of strategy within the context of cyberspace and information.

Artificial Intelligence and Law

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming vital aspects of the economy and society from what we see to what we do. It has developed rapidly at least from the time of Turing’s test, beyond the traditional systems, bringing profound changes to all aspects of human existence.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) course deals with the examination of the legal capacity of AI, and the use of AI in certain contemporary areas like health care, conflicts, teaching, etc. It also focuses, in addition to the civil and criminal liability that could be attributed to AI, on the impact of ethical factors on the evolution and development of AI. The students will be also exposed to the impact of AI on human rights. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of AI and its impact on our socio-legal lives.

Judicial Service Training program

CAIL is the first institution in India where Judicial Services Training is given as a part of curriculum at a nominal cost. Judicial Service Training Academy is established at CAIL with the mission to train the students for the judicial service examinations. The 3rd, 4th and 5th year students will be trained by a senior resource person who is an expert in the field.