Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

Established in the academic year 2019-20, The Centre for Tribal Socio-Legal Research at Christ academy institute of law was set up to archive and document the knowledge on the tribal population and to conduct specific studies with regards to the Socio-Legal challenges faced by the Tribal Communities. The Centre through its lectures, annual Journals, articles, Exhibition and Competitions aims to promote research culture among the students at CAIL along with contributing to the development of tribal communities. In its recent envisages has conducted photography exhibitions showcasing various themes such as Impact of Right to Education on Tribal Communities, Traditional Tribal Healing Practices Vs Modern Medicine, Impact of Privatization on Tribal Community and Online Guest Lecture was also organized by the Centre. The Centre envisages to carry out field surveys and procure projects to be conducted in the tribal areas. This would promote a sense of critical thinking and empirical investigation among the students at CAIL. The student’s exposure to the real tribal issues will assist in identifying the critical gaps in legal access and awareness in the tribal community. The Centre plans to carry out a Charity Drive in the Tribal areas, in order to develop an empathetic attitude among the students and imbibe in them the ‘Art of Giving’.

Date of the event Event
30th May, 2023 Lake and forest conservation awareness drive
21st July, 2023 Online guest lecture on Tribal conflicts in contemporary,India and Constitutional Safeguards
8th August, 2023 Speech Competition- ‘Tribal Rights and Issues’
Faculty Student
Dr. Subrata S Satapathy
Mr. Karmashil Bhagat
Ms. Suparna Mukherjee
Convenor -
Ruuhani Tukral
Annanya Singhal
Member- Snehil Anand
Shivansh Gupta
M. Aashritha
Khushi S
Akula Sowkhya