Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

The centre for law and environment committee is constituted at CAIL with a positive attitude towards conservation of environment and aiming to creating awareness and promote environmental care among students and at college level. The committee strives to create awareness on growing environmental issues, protective laws at national and international levels among our students. It organizes competitions for the students to sensitize and to ensure they become more responsible citizens towards environmental protection.

Date of the event Event
30th May, 2023 Lake and forest conservation awareness drive
5th June, 2023 Collage and slogan writing competition
The mission of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is to facilitate the development, implementation, and sustenance of a robust quality assurance system in CAIL. The mission of IQAC includes the following: 1. Institutionalization of Quality Assurance 2. Continuous Evaluation and Improvement 3. Capacity Building 4. Documentation and Reporting 5. Collaboration and Networking 6. Accreditation and Recognition 7. Research and Innovation 8. Ethical Practices and Social Responsibility Overall, the mission of IQAC is to establish a quality assurance system that fosters continuous improvement, promotes stakeholder engagement, facilitates capacity building, and ensures the overall excellence and relevance of higher legal education.
Faculty Student
Ms. Jarin Joseph
Dr. Shivani Sah
Mr. Ashbin
Stuti Gaur
Reniya Reji
Khushi. S
Adapa Trisha
Shivansh Gupta
Dibyansh Bagaria
Naga Lasya Sri