Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)


Association of Christian Christites (shortly called ACC) is a group of Christian Students in Christ Academy Institute of Law (CAIL) devoted to the purpose of knowing and serving God. They […]

Mediation Centre

Mediation is one of the effective and now well-known alternative dispute resolution methods, which helps the litigants to resolve their disputes voluntarily and amicably with the assistance of a third […]

Constitutional Law Committee

The Christ academy institute of law (CAIL) Constitutional Law Committee was established in the year 2021 to encourage and promote understanding of contemporary constitutional judgements and foundational aspects of the […]

Centre for law and environment

The centre for law and environment committee is constituted at CAIL with a positive attitude towards conservation of environment and aiming to creating awareness and promote environmental care among students […]

Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee is set up in order to raise awareness among students with respect to human rights. The Committee is also operating a Human Rights Cell, where any […]

Drama Club

The Drama Club is one of the artistic clubs of the college. It was initiated in the academic year 2020-21 at Christ Academy Institute of Law.  In the initial year […]

Sports Committee

The sports committee is mainly responsible for all the physical activities conducted in and around the campus and plans on conducting a sports fests which is a three-day event under the guidance […]

Library Advisory Committee

The Library is advised by the Library Advisory Committee which consists of Faculty members of various disciplines with one member as a Convener. The Library Advisory Committee makes recommendations to […]

Youth Red Cross Committee

Our motto – “to serve”The CAIL Youth Red Cross Society is passionate about inspiring others to have a service mindset through our works and deeds to promote health, hygiene, and world […]

Cultural Committee

The cultural Committee at Christ Academy Institute of Law play a crucial role in fostering creativity and confidence among the students. Our aim is to enhance the talents of the […]