Christ Academy Institute of LAW (CAIL)

Association of Christian Christites (shortly called ACC) is a group of Christian Students in Christ Academy Institute of Law (CAIL) devoted to the purpose of knowing and serving God. They meet regularly for prayer, reflection, and for a beautiful fellowship they share. It holds one of the mottos of the institute, which is, faith In God. The committee organizes various charitable drives to create a sense of social belongingness among the students. ACC comprises a Faculty Coordinator, a Convenor, Co-convenor, and four student members. 

Date of the event Event
1st August, 2023 Essay Competition
Faculty Student
Ms. Lekshmi
Mr. Safeem A S
Seba Anna Simon
Jaina John
Adapa Trisha
Diya Pradeep
Ritu Rose
Fiza Yahiya
Priyanka Kumari Pandey